Warren G. Stone Rabbinic Endowment

By bringing treasured memories to Jewish lives, Temple Emanuel creates for each one of us our own Jewish legacy.

Temple Emanuel welcomes each of us to embrace the Jewish experiences we find most meaningful. What experiences in the congregation have nourished your connection to the Temple?  Do you most enjoy working for social justice or passing traditions on to our children? Do you cherish your time learning about Judaism? Have you made good friends here who give you a sense of community? Has our clergy seen you through moments of sadness or joy?

In honor of the legacy you have received, we urge you now to support Temple Emanuel’s future with a gift to the Warren G. Stone Endowment.

“We believe that contributing to the Rabbinic Endowment is our small way of ensuring that our warm and embracing community will continue to be there for future generations to come.” – Jana and Jeremy Sharp, Temple Emanuel Members

The What and Why of the Warren G. Stone Rabbinic Endowment

The Temple Emanuel Warren G. Stone Endowment is our investment in our congregation’s future. Its sole purpose is to assure that we will have the funds to support a full-time rabbi for generations to come. Engaging a rabbi is one of the largest financial commitments any congregation faces. So, like many other congregations, we are planning ahead to be certain a rabbi will always be at the center of our unique community.

We named the Endowment after Rabbi Stone as a tribute to his now more than 25 years of active leadership at Temple Emanuel. However, as a long-term initiative, the Endowment will outlast any single rabbi who may lead our congregation.

Gifts to the Endowment will be invested to generate an even larger pool of funds dedicated solely to the future costs of rabbinic services. This will prepare our congregation for the future, freeing up more resources each year to devote to the myriad ways we each connect with the Temple.

Your Gift Now is Vital

Temple Emanuel’s legacy to you is an array of educational, social and spiritual opportunities for every phase of your family’s life. Your generous gift to the Warren G. Stone Endowment today honors that legacy and preserves it for the future. With your support, we assure a rabbinic presence in the lives of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

There are multiple ways to give:

  • Annual High Holiday appeal giving
  • Donating to the Endowment in honor/memory of a person or to mark a special ocassion
  • Multi-year pledges
  • Bequests and Estate Planning

Donate or Pledge Now

To make a donation to the Endowment, or to discuss options for a bequest or estate planning, please contact Executive director, Dianne Neiman, in the Temple Office at 301-942-2000 or use the following link to make a donation online: Sustaining Our Traditions.

To make a pledge, please click here to download a pledge form. Print and fill in the form, then return it to the Temple Office.