Chai Collective

The Chai Collective celebrates the life of Temple Emanuel, the joy and creativity, the diversity of people and perspectives, and our deep desire to keep moving forward through our programming, our services, and our community. The inaugural members of the Collective are listed below, and over the coming months we look forward to welcoming many more into this group. Soon we will debut dedicated programming that includes some learning, some fun, and some conversation.

Please consider joining the Collective, and make this the year that you commit to the Life of Temple Emanuel.

Join the Chai Collective

Inaugural Members (as of 3/15/24)

Joette & Stephen Alkire
The Bobrow Family
Jeff & Barbara Brown
Bill & Becki Epstein
Val & Stanley Fagen
Jennifer Mann Fields
Jen & Scott Goldschmidt
Terri & Dan Halpern
Martha Hirschfield & William Saletan
Rachel & Matthew Joseph
David & Cantor Lindsay Kanter
Bruce Katz & Lynne Mofenson
The Tully-Landsman Family
Marie Isabel Laurion
Kenneth & Joan Lorber
The Mallin Family
Caryn Nagler & Glenn Northern
Laura & Eric Naide
Dianne Neiman
Robert Polner
The Raynes-Miller Family
Wendy, Nathan, and Sam Rhein
Dana Robinson
Shalom Rosenberg & Rabbi Adam Rosenwasser
Esther Starobin
Andrew Stavisky
Alan & Kate Tabachnick
Al & Donna Tanenbaum
Robbie & Janice Voigtmann
Steve Weiss & Kim Hughes
Linda & Scott Wolpert

At this time of reflection and challenge – for Israel, for Jews around the world, and for the international community – we at Temple Emanuel know that many of us are struggling to find ways to be part of a solution and to bring peace and comfort. And as we think about how we can make a difference, we keep coming back to the idea of community.

Temple Emanuel is a diverse community of ritual and celebration, and it has been a constant in the lives of its members for the last seventy years. We have members who have been here since birth, and members who found us later in life. We have members who joined when their children started at the ECC, and members who stayed because they found a welcoming spot at a Friday night service for their interfaith family. We have members whose sense of belonging was grounded in our social justice work and members who were able to express their full selves as Jews through our adult B’Mitzvah programs. However you have been moved to participate in community with other Reform Jews, Temple Emanuel has been your spiritual home.

We all need community. Temple Emanuel has been here for all of us, and now we need your support to sustain it. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are excited to launch a new sustainability effort called the Chai Collective, a monthly giving circle that welcomes members from throughout the Temple Emanuel community who make an automatic monthly gift. Those automatic gifts will be in multiples of $18, to support the life, the Chai, of Temple Emanuel. These funds will support Temple Emanuel’s general operating fund, which pays for everything from our joyful Shabbat and holiday programming, to our Inclusion Coordinator, our Israel Shaliach and Director of Youth Engagement, and to other daily essentials like routine building maintenance and sheet music for the choir.