Pillars of Education

The Temple Emanuel Religious School stands upon three pillars: Authenticity, Creativity, and Moral Courage.


“Ben Bag-Bag used to say of the Torah: Turn it and turn it again, for everything is in it. Pore over it, and wax gray and old over it. Stir not from it for you can have no better rule than it.” (Pirkei Avot 5:25)

The sacred texts of Judaism are eternally relevant, but each generation must explore the material and discover meaning; therefore, learning strategies that ignite curiosity, encourage collaboration, and provide opportunities for “field work” are emphasized in each grade.


“God is known and grasped to the degree that one opens the gates of imagination.” (Zohar)

If authenticity answers the question “How is this learning relevant to my life?”, then creativity answers the question, “How can I express my understanding of the knowledge?” Learning strategies that stimulate student creativity will be emphasized in each grade.

Moral Courage

“It is not in the heavens…the thing is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart, to observe it.” (Talmud)

This pillar aims to take knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom. Judaism, after all, is a radical religion. Our ancestors were iconoclasts who questioned the status quo and advocated values and beliefs that were revolutionary and transformed society. Learning strategies that encourage students to demonstrate moral courage will be emphasized in each grade.

Mission Statement of the Religious School

The mission of Temple Emanuel Religious School is to provide novel and thought-provoking materials that invite students to explore the language, myths, narratives, laws, symbols, rituals, art, music, and ethical teachings that shape Jewish identity. By doing so we enable students to experience the transcendent value of Judaism, and appreciate that it enriches every aspect of their lives.

Board of Education

Please feel free to contact the Board of Education with your comments and suggestions. We value your feedback.

2023-2024 Members

  • Kathy Blake, Chair
  • Dana Demner, Vice-Chair
  • Bryon Bereano
  • Michael Freedman
  • Jan Genzer
  • Karen Mann
  • Julie Ross
  • Josh Shiffrin
  • Stacey Singer
  • Steve Weiss
  • Stefanie Weldon
  • Lisa White