April 21, 2024 ()

Youth Programs

For more information about our youth programming please feel free to reach out to our Director of Youth Engagement and Shaliach Snir Holtzman

Enrollment in all KESTY groups can be done through Religious School Enrollment or separately – contact the Temple Office.

With information about KESTY (8th-12th), KESTY J (6th-7th), KESTY345 (3rd-5th), and KESTY Katan (K-2)!

  • KESTY– Temple Emanuel’s Senior youth group for 8th – 12th graders. Find your home and find your community with other teens and peers. KESTY is a great place to explore your personality and inner self in a warm, welcoming Jewish setting.
  • KESTYJ – Temple Emanuel’s Youth Group designated to serve 6th and 7th graders. KESTYJ serves as an introduction to KESTY, incorporating Jewish values into fun programming.
  • KESTY345 – Temple Emanuel’s Youth Group designated for 3rd-5th grade students. KESTY 345 shows our kids that living Jewishly doesn’t always mean sitting in class.
  • KESTY Katan – Temple Emanuel’s Youth Group for our youngest students. KESTY Katan’s goal is to engage students and parents in grades K-2 to foster friendships, reinforce Jewish identity and build strong grade-level cohorts of connected families.
  • Summer Opportunities – Jewish Summer Camps are fundamental in shaping and supporting the kids’ Jewish identities, connection to Judiasm and Jewish practice and also creating friendships for life. Check out information about amazing opportunities around us.