KESTY Katan (little in Hebrew!) is Temple Emanuel’s Youth Group for our youngest students. KESTY Katan’s goal is to engage students and parents in grades K-2 to foster friendships, reinforce Jewish identity and build strong grade-level cohorts of connected families. We truly believe that those connections, fostered and nourished from a young age, are fundamental to create a confident and strong Jewish identity in our students, and it is key for powerful friendships. We offer programs for those age groups approximately 4 times a year right after our Religious School Program on Sundays, so they can deepen their connection to Temple, Youth Group and their Religious School friends. We encourage parents to take those connections home and continue to develop them!

KESTY Katan 2023-2024



























For more information, enrollment and questions about our KESTY Katan programming please feel free to reach out to our Director of Youth Engagement and Shaliach Snir Holtzman.