Post Confirmation Academy

Temple Emanuel offers the Post Confirmation students ways to earn credits towards graduation at the end of Temple Emanuel’s High School.

The points system is designated to afford each student the choice of selecting from a list of approved activities over a two year period that will lead to graduation. Total points needed for graduation- 36 over two years.

Participants must choose from at least two categories, one must be from either A or B category

A. Academic activities – 10 points

  • Participation in the four annual meetings with the clergy or the director of education
  • Aiding in the Religious school for two years
  • Taking a Jewish study course online or in person in any college or university
  • Approved independent study with the Director of Education

B. Extra Curricular activities – 10 points

  • Active participation in the Temple’s Youth Group activity (at least 50%)
  • Active participation in Regional or National NFTY events
  • Active participation in non- temple Jewish youth groups like Habonim
  • Leadership role in organizing Jewish theme activities in the local High school

C. Cultural activities – 3 points

  • Attending a Jewish theme movie, play or concert

D. Tzedakah Activities – 2 points

  • Participating in a community sponsored tzedaka projects such as SOME
  • Working on Tikkun Olum activities through different organizations, such as the local High School or a different Youth group
  • Initiating a personal tzedaka project and verifying its on-going activity

A Certificate of Completion will be issued and the Director of Education will help in obtaining teaching appointments in Religious schools across the country for the graduating students.